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Clothing for Business Portraits : Guidelines

It's amazing that even though headshots are often displayed quite small , we can still sense the quality of the clothing.

Clients should consider the dress code that best suits  ( no pun ) their market. Portraits are best shot in the morning, by the end of the day the tiredness shows . Get a good night's sleep and practise your smile! Photoshop just can't seem to remove tiredness!


Dark jackets give good contrast to the face and a white or light blue shirt is best under the jacket . Shirts should be new and have regular open collars, not narrow button down. Button down shirts are fine for a casual look and can be worn with a blazer and no tie, Polo shirts are good for a casual look. For portraits without a jacket, white shirts should be avoided - business blue or a solid darker color. Always bring an alternative shirt and tie ! Think about having your haircut a few days before the shoot and make sure you've had a close shave.


Tailored jackets give a corporate / legal  appearance. Blouses and tops should be quiet without distracting patterns. Bring clothing that you feel comfortable in. Solid colors are best but avoid white,  and colors that are close to flesh tones.

Pay attention to the neckline - nothing to complicated and not too low as sometimes the cropped portrait looks like you just have a jacket on and no shirt. Always have an extra top or two !

Hair and make-up

Light evening make-up is usually fine. Consider having a haircut a few days before the photography. Do not wash or blow dry your hair on the day of the photography, it will be less manageable. Prepare for a bad-hair-day - bring your brush , clips and bands if you think you might need them.

We can also arrange a professional make-up artist - if we are shooting without then  I will apply translucent anti-shine powder.


Plan ahead! Bring any earrings, necklaces and scarves . Nothing too theatrical that will compete with your pretty face ! Did I mention SOLID COLORS ?

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