I have paid many people, a lot of money to say good things about me ! So read on....

David is a jolly good photographer !

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I had the pleasure of working with David recently and was very impressed by his professionalism and strong attention to detail, even on a project of such small scale . He is a very pleasant and accommodating person, which makes the work with him fun and productive. I look forward to working with David again on future projects

Tali Brousard-Shimer  - Marketing Communications Manager at NICE Systems

את David Garb אני מכירה כבר למעלה מעשרים שנה. פעם, לפני האלף הנוכחי, הייתי האסיסטנטית שלו. קמנו מוקדם כל בוקר והלכנו למקומות מדהימים - בזכותו גיליתי כמה כיף לאכול פרי ישר מהעץ כשיצאנו לצלם שדות חקלאיים, למדתי באיזו זוית צריך להיות הסנטר כדי ליצור פורטרט מצוין, למדתי הכל על תאורה ובמקביל, הצלחתי לשכלל את האנגלית שלי. זו הייתה תקופה נהדרת גם בגלל שלמדתי המון מהמאסטר וגם בגלל שדיויד עשה הכל בחיוך - הוא תמיד התבדח איתי ועם המצולמים וגרם להם להרגיש מאד בנוח מול המצלמה. הייתי חוזרת הביתה מותשת בכל יום אבל עם ברק בעיניים. אתמול נפגשנו שוב על סט הצילום, אבל הפעם אני בתפקיד אסיסטנטית וקליאנטית! הסטודיו שלי הפך לאולפן צילום ודויד, כמו תמיד, עבד בקצב מסחרר - והכל במקצועיות ובהומור האופייניים לו. הצילומים יצאו נהדר, לא היה לי ספק שכך יהיה. ונהניתי! נהנתי להסתכל על איש מקצוע אמיתי שעושה את המקסימום בכל רגע נתון. היה תענוג. תודה, דיויד!

Shirlee Armeland Chen

I have been associated with David for about 20 years using his photography services for all types of assignments. True professional in the full sense of the word but more than that, it is always fun to work with him. That's pretty important I think. I would sum it up with David is a guy overflowing with integrity on every level.

Jonathan Jason - Creative Director Jason and Jason

David is a great combination of skilled craftsman and personable supplier. He is able to create attractive images of our hardware using subtle effects of light and focus. His great eye for detail matches my desire to create an array of appropriate images for various media, economically

Ruth Bridger VP Marketing Xorcom

I have used David's services in the past, for client business portrait photography and for product shoots. The most recent project, was to shoot a product that has virtually "nothing interesting" to look at that - and therefore the challenge was greater than usual. David rose to the challenge, and with professionalism and patience provided excellent results.

Samantha J. Talpir Director Marketing Communications (Freelance)

David is a highly professional photographer and a pleasure to work with. He knows to create the perfect setting and a relaxed atmosphere to shoot people at their best. David's photos have that special touch that make them stand out. He also delivers quickly and on time - the perfect partner when we had just a few hours between the photo shooting and the printer's deadline!

Kathrin Lotto Shabat

I have worked with David for many years now on several different projects. I have and will always recommend him to my clients for the following reasons: he produces outstanding work time and again, he is a consummate professional, has a creative flair, is great fun to work with and brings that "something extra" to the table.

Daniella Crankshaw - MD Insight Marketing

David is extremely professional with a high degree of integrity. He gets the job done quietly, efficiently, with minimum disruption. He is very good with people and portraits and is very personable. He doesn't cut corners and goes out of his way to give you what you want. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him

Annette Davis Simantov - Marketing Communications Manager -Atlantium Water Technologies

I have just completed a photoshoot with David to produce a number of business images including corporate profile shots. If you want to improve the images of senior management on your company website or other marketing activities then David is the person to talk to. A deep understanding of both photography and people enable him to get great results. I highly recommend you check out his website http://www.softbox.co.il "

Spencer Waldron - 3Sixty Global Marketing Ltd

David handles every step of the photographic job with expertise and creativity. Having been accustomed to working with photographers in the US who have the ability to source oodles of set supplies and props from a local "Set Shop", I was pleasantly surprised to learn that since these items aren't easily available in Israel, David matter-of-factly begins each job with a set-building session, as necessary, and without extra cost. His work is professional and reliable, and he is personable and really listens to the client. David is attentive to details and deadlines. Overall, it is a pleasure to work with him.

Anita Levor - Corporate Communication and Marketing Consultant

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